Taking Pets From the UK to France A Guide to Customs Requirements

When you travel to France, either to live or a long vacation, you may decide to bring your pet/s. Before you leave the UK, a pet must first be micro chipped (that can be read by European scanners) and vaccinated against rabies. A family may bring up to five pets into France, and each animal must have its own EU Pet Passport. This document will state that a valid rabies vaccination was given by a veterinary surgeon for each pet that is traveling to France. An animal must be over three months old to enter French territory. Your local vet should be able to provide you with all necessary info and paperwork.

If the rabies vaccination was the animals first vaccine then you will need to wait for 21 days before entering the country. If your pet needs an updated rabies vaccine, at least 30 days must pass between the vaccination and the day of departure. France is very strict about this.

Normal vaccinations and treatment for ticks, worms and other parasites are not compulsory for entry into France but are highly recommended as your pet will not have had chance to build up any immunity to new …

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How to Get Your Dog to Come Back When He is Called

This article is going to try to explain to you how to get your dog to come back when he is called by you. It is a good thing to have an obedient dog, but more importantly it is good for you and the dog to have a connection because that way you can both be protected from an unwanted situation like him running away or going places he is not allowed to be. I have seen a lot of mean people that hit the dog when he doesn’t return or others complain to owners for letting their dog run around their children and stuff like that. So it is a very important part of the training process indeed.

I am going to try to explain the so called spring loaded recall exercise. It is very simple actually and it doesn’t require any special training environment or conditions. You simply take the dog out with a leash on him. Just to notice this exercise requires assistance. So with a friend or a family member you go out and take the dog for a walk.

Your friend holds the dog by his leash while you cuddle him, play him …

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