How To Rescue A Puppy From An Animal Shelter

How To Rescue A Puppy From An Animal Shelter

Before you buy a puppy, consider adopting one. You’ll have the same happiness and companionship without spending as much money or time!

Do your research.

Before you go to the shelter or rescue organization, do your research on the dog you want to adopt. Research the breed, age, health and temperament of each puppy in their care. You can find out a lot about these things by talking with staff members at shelters and rescues. They often have experience with different breeds of dogs and can tell you what kind of home would be best for each one based on their personality traits.

Consider a rescue dog.

A rescue dog is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to adopt a new furry friend. Rescue dogs are often overlooked, yet they have so much love to give!

Rescue dogs are often more grateful than other dogs because they’ve been through so much already in their lives. They know what it’s like to be abandoned and unwanted by humans, but once you bring them into your home and show them love, most will return that affection tenfold. Rescued animals also tend to be more loyal than other breeds because they were …

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Stuffed Dog Toys: Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

Stuffed Dog Toys: Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

It is important to add new toys to your dog’s collection on a regular basis. Not only does this help them stay active, but it also helps keep their mind stimulated. You should always try to find eco-friendly dog toys that are made with all natural materials rather than plastic or other artificial materials. In addition, make sure you check whether any of the toys have been recalled by the manufacturer before giving them to your furry friend!

Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

Eco-friendly dog toys are a great choice for your pet. They’re made from recycled materials, biodegradable materials and natural materials that are better for the environment than regular dog toys.

Eco-friendly dog toys come in all shapes and sizes–from squeaky toys to plush stuffed animals. You can also find eco-friendly balls and rope toys that will keep your pup entertained for hours on end!

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to keep Fido happy while also helping out Mother Earth, then look no further than these top brands:

  • EcoBark ( – All of their products are made from 100% organic cotton canvas which means they will last longer than other brands without breaking down quickly like traditional canvas
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The Best Pet Subscription Boxes For Dogs

The Best Pet Subscription Boxes For Dogs

If you have a dog, you know that they can be just as finicky and demanding as their human counterparts. The good news is that there are some services that cater to your pup’s every need. This includes everything from toys and treats to accessories and even grooming! In this post we’ll explore the best subscription boxes for dogsā€”and why they’ll keep your dog happy, healthy, and well-loved.


Barkbox is a monthly subscription box for dogs and their humans. Each month, Barkbox has a different theme that they stick to throughout the entire package. The boxes can be ordered in different sizes depending on the size of your dog: small, medium, large and extra large. They come with treats, toys and other fun items that are tailored specifically around that month’s theme!

If you’re looking for some quality time with your pup or just want to spoil them with some awesome new toys then this could be the perfect option for you!

Halo Purely for Pets

Halo Purely for Pets is a monthly subscription box for dogs. It contains all natural treats and chews, as well as toys and other goodies. There are several different levels of subscription to …

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The Best Carriers For Air Travel With Your Pet

The Best Carriers For Air Travel With Your Pet

We all know how stressful air travel can be. Long lines, uncomfortable seats and flight delays are just some of the challenges we face when traveling by plane. But did you know that you may have another thing to worry about? That’s right: your pet! While they can’t speak up when they’re not feeling well or happy, it’s still important to make sure that they get the best possible experience on their trip with you. A good way to do this is by choosing a carrier that will keep them comfortable and secure while also serving as a safe place for them while they’re waiting in an airport terminal or flying overhead in an airplane cabin.

Pet Carrier Backpack

A backpack carrier is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take their pet on long walks, hikes or camping trips. They’re also useful for travel, since they allow you to carry your dog in public without having to worry about them escaping or becoming tangled up in a leash. They can be used while driving as well–just place the carrier on the floor of your car and then buckle it into place with seatbelt straps (or similar).

Soft-Sided Pet

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