What To Do If Your Cat Loves Biting

What To Do If Your Cat Loves Biting

If you’ve ever been bitten by a cat, you know it can be painful. In fact, cat bites can even cause serious medical issues for some people—especially if they have an allergy to cats. If your cat loves biting, it’s important to know the difference between play and aggression in cats so that you can keep yourself safe from harm (and your kitty healthy).

Why does my cat love biting?

Your cat may be biting you because they are trying to communicate with you. They might be trying to show that they are in control and it is their job to protect the house from intruders, or perhaps they want attention from their owner. Cats can become frustrated when they feel neglected or ignored by their owners for long periods of time, which could lead them to bite out of anger or frustration. A cat might also be trying to show affection by biting at your hand (or other body part) when it is near them; this type of behavior usually occurs when the cat feels safe around its owner and wants their human companion nearby at all times so they don’t get lonely while sleeping alone at night!


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