The Best Nutrition For Puppies

The Best Nutrition For Puppies

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to make sure your baby is healthy. That’s why it’s important to give your new puppy the best nutrition and care possible. A healthy puppy will grow into a happy dog with all the energy she needs for playtime, walks and other fun activities!

What’s the best food for your puppy?

If you’re a new dog owner, it’s important to remember that puppies need a diet that is formulated for their unique needs. Most puppies are fed commercial diets, but these can be high in calories and fillers like corn gluten meal or soybean flour. This isn’t the best choice for your puppy because these ingredients don’t provide much nutritional benefit and may cause stomach upset if given regularly over time.

Homemade diets can be difficult to get right: You’ll need to find balance between nutrients like protein (which helps build muscle), fat (which provides energy) and carbohydrates (which give your dog energy). A balanced homemade diet will also include vitamins and minerals such as calcium carbonate for strong bones; vitamin A for good vision; vitamin E for healthy skin; zinc oxide as an immune system booster; copper sulfate as an …

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