Choosing a Qualified Livestock Feeding Agent

For those of you who plan to open a cattle feed business, of course, is confused in choosing a qualified animal feed agency. Because not all agents are able to provide good food in terms of quality or service. Animal feed is one of the most important components in a livestock business. Unfortunately, the price of poultry feed at all times continues to soar due to the difficult raw materials found and the seller is still very little. It can be seen by yourself that not all regions have shops that sell animal feed specifically. So often the breeder’s confusion in choosing.

Choosing a Qualified Livestock Feeding Agent

Before looking for a Livestock Agent, the main thing you should do is find out and survey the location around your business premises. Pay attention to whether your surrounding location requires a large amount of fodder. It is very important that you determine the target market to target. See if you’re close to the livestock industry like poultry, cattle and so on. Because actually, the farmers prefer to buy feed that is not so far from the location of farms cultivated.

The goal, of course, is that they can save the transportation costs of buying livestock feed. In addition, also adjust the needs of farmers with animal feed that you will sell. For example, around you are dominated by chicken farmers, but you actually sell cattle feed. Obviously, the stock of cattle feeds that you sell will be wasted because nobody buys. If you really want to sell all types of animal feed, make sure if you have the right target market.

Especially if you plan to sell fodder in retail. Of course, determine what animal feed to be purchased should be thorough. In order for the business of buying and selling animal fodder that is lived successfully and reap many benefits, here are the things you should consider in choosing a provider of animal feed as your business supplier.

  1. Choose an agent that guarantees the quality of fodder sold. Please note that animal feed has a special standard that must be fulfilled by each animal feed providers.
  2. Choose an agent that provides cattle feed with good packaging and meetings. Please note that cattle feed is damaged if the packaging is not in accordance with the standards. In addition, choose an agent that already has a famous branding in the community, especially the breeders. This is certainly a plus point for you to encourage farmers to buy feed in your store. Usually, the weight of retail animal feed per pack is half to one kilogram.
  3. Keep in mind that animal feed also has an expiration period. Usually, the expiration period is one month. If it is more than one month then the quality of feed will decrease. So, do not be too quick to buy fodder in large quantities if you really want to sell it in retail.
  4. Choose an agent that gives buyers the opportunity to return goods if the feed is not qualified or damaged. Typically, a professional livestock feeding agent will provide the facility in accordance with the provisions imposed by the agent concerned.

To get a good cow feed for farms you should choose a quality feed agent