Do Your Bit For Our Animal Kingdom – Adopt an Animal

Do Your Bit For Our Animal Kingdom - Adopt an Animal

We’re a well-known nation of animal lovers, which is why we find it particularly difficult when we see TV footage of suffering animals. Presumably, it is also why countless of us help with numerous animal charities. It may also are the cause of why a frequent option, not to mention a lovely gift, would be to adopt an animal. On this basis, hop on the web and you can find a selection of animal adoption gifts – fogged headlights you can select…

Adopt a Penguin

Volunteer Point for the Falklands has around 1,200 King Penguins and around 350 chicks, between November and March. Due to the number of tourists who visit within this period, Falklands Conservation includes a warden on location whose job it is to prevent undue disturbance on the birds. They also monitor the penguins’ diet, population and breeding, that’s where your cash is available in.

Adopt a Rhino

Between 1970 and 1992, the black rhino population plummeted to simply 2,300 as a result of indiscriminate poaching. That’s a drop of 97%! Thanks to increased protection plus an international ban on the trade of their horns, the people have become steady at 3,100, yet they remain critically endangered. As such, Care for the Wild International runs an adoption program for orphaned black rhinos inside the Nairobi National Park – your cash goes towards their upbringing and continued survival.

Adopt a Polar Bear

As the ice caps melt and the polar bears’ natural habitat fast disappears, we’re becoming increasingly alert to protecting these incredible animals. By adopting a polar bear, you’ll help Care for the Wild, who will be dealing with researchers checking out the western Hudson Bay population of a bear. Your money might help them find answers to declining body condition and decreased cub production.

Adopt a Tiger

The Tigers’ plight is one of the most heartbreaking around. Take Jasper, by way of example. Born in 1998, this Indo-Chinese tiger weighed just 3kg when he was confiscated from Cambodian smugglers. The victim of terrible malnutrition, Jasper needed urgent veterinary attention which, thankfully, he received with time. Today, he’s fit, healthy, and residing in a big habitat near Phnom Penh. Your money allows him to view out his days here, and also helping rescue other tigers like him.

Adopt a Dolphin

Lively, inquisitive, and intelligent, dolphins have been winning our hearts since forever. Here’s your opportunity to help protect a certain bottlenose dolphin, Stardance, who lives inside the Moray Firth in Scotland. Like countless dolphins, he faces a variety of dangers, including pollution, disease, and noise disturbance – your dollars will go towards researching ways of blocking these complaints.

Adopt a Brown Bear

From one heartbreaking plight to an alternative – the brown bear. Dancing bears are routinely ill-treated, not least during their ‘training’ – a brutal ritual involving hot plates, metal rings, and also the shattering of the teeth. Mitsos was the type of bear who was simply removed from his mother as a young cub, before being forced right into a life of ‘entertainment’. Rescued in 1992, Mitsos now lives with the ARCTURUS sanctuary in northern Greece – your hard-earned money might help protect this habitat and also the bears that refer to it home.

Adopt an Elephant

Working along with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Care for the Wild International is helping home orphaned elephants inside Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. The idea is not hard – to make certain the astounding animals enjoy continued health insurance remain protected from poachers. Your adoption helps support this work, not only in Tsavo but through the whole of Africa.

Adopt an Orangutan

When you adopt an orangutan, your dollars are going to be put towards supporting rescue centers which may have confiscated these wonderful apes from the life of mistreatment. Before the rescue, many of them, including Wenda and Denis, are trapped in tiny cages where they’re malnourished, distended are usually in bad condition. After the rescue, these centers accomplish medical checks and still provide the orangutans with an environment where there both mental and physical wellbeing can flourish.