Our Coral Online Shop will Make Your Tank Shine

Our Coral Online Shop will Make Your Tank Shine

When it comes to shopping for corals, heading to your local fish store doesn’t always cut it. At least that’s how it is for me. I develop a specialized care plan for my marine aquariums and purchasing whichever coral I find that day at the shop doesn’t really fit into my plan. 

If like me you plan your tank inhabitants according to color size aggressiveness lighting requirements flow requirements and your specific tank parameters then online shopping is the only way to go.

Choosing Livestock

You know what you have in your tank and you know what you’re looking for but most people don’t have the resources to fly to one of the huge worldwide coral vendors personally. Therefore your best option is to look for coral online and shop with us. 

Browse through our catalog of corals for sale. There you can find any specific species you are interested in or browse by category if you are looking for something that will simply fit into the niche-specific to your tank. There are corals of different sizes ranging from frags all the way up to entire colonies. 

Depending on your tank-style we most likely will have what you need to fill in the gaps. The listings are extensive and will contain the basic information necessary to make decisions about whether or not each species is suitable for your tank.

Color scheme

One of my favorite all-time techniques is to follow the ROYGBIV color scheme. Whether you choose to disperse your colors naturally or clump them all together in individual groups you cannot go wrong with this. If you have never heard of this style involves using all the colors; red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet. 

When considering the more mundane colors involved in reef keeping you can definitely spice them up by spending a little extra on the ultra versions. Dull green is infinitely more boring than toxic green! 

And when it comes to your tank don’t simply purchase something to fill the gap get something that you will enjoy seeing in your take thriving. Because in the end reef keeping is a hobby and we do it for the joy. Remember this when looking for coral online and shop with people you trust.


As an all aquariums, the aquascape is the designs that your aquarium will build off of. Initially, you need to decide whether or not you will use the substrate. If you choose to use substrate then you need to decide on the granular size. I prefer a mix of pebble-sized and fine it is easier to keep clean and when it does get dirty it will still perform some filtration. If you do your substrate be sure to place your rock first that way they won’t shift like the sand moves in the tank. Remember that your rockwork won’t be the decoration of your tank. It simply needs to provide a proper staff old for your coral structures to bond to. 

It is important to keep in mind that the coral at the bottom of your Tank still requires light, therefore, you should try not to have any shelf like rocks over the top of them. Likewise, you do not want your rockwork to go all the way to the top of the tank because you will need to leave Rome for your corals at the top to grow. 

One last bit of advice will be to always remember there are people out there to help. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.