Pros and Cons of a Modern Cat Tree

Pros and Cons of a Modern Cat Tree

Cats love to play around and if you have one, they will spend more of their time on it. This is where a modern cat tree can help you. It gives them a place to play while giving you the space you need to do what you want with your home. There are many types of trees and you can choose one that suits your lifestyle better.

Wooden cat tower:

The best wood for modern home decor. It offers a platform for the cat. It has a center post that has several platforms. It also adds a little height so you don’t have to worry about your cat jumping off. Some even have slides to use at the top or a scratching pad to climb up.


Many people choose condo modern cat trees because they are easier to move than wooden ones. They are usually made from metal, which is easy to clean and assemble. Metal is durable so it will last years. However, you may have to do some metalwork yourself to the joints. A condo may be a better choice for a feline if it doesn’t have a rail or a steps system to get them off the floor.

Arbor Cat Tree:

This is a small modern arbor cat tree meant for your cat to jump off of. Most of them come with a short perch. It has a platform for the smaller cat. The top is typically higher than the rest, so they can jump off the platform. It also has two levels and can be easily set up on a small table or desk. It provides more floor space than a bigger one but won’t provide as much fun climbing or swinging.

One of the pros of these smaller cat trees is that they offer platforms for the smaller ones to jump off of. These platforms can be adjusted. This means your cat can jump off and on as they please. You don’t have to put up with them jumping off the side of the table. In addition, modern arbor cat trees offer platforms for different-sized cats, so there’s a great selection out there.

Fur Baby Tree:

This is a cat tree for those who like their cats to be high so that they can get to their scratching post or their food. It provides more vertical space than most other ones on the market and is very sleek. It comes with a center platform for the scratching post and then a top platform for the food. It’s very sleek so that it won’t be distracting to your cat’s play. Plus, it’s very convenient for taking advantage of all the vertical space in your cat’s need.

Cushioned Tower Cat Tree:

This cat tower offers cushioned platforms to help your furry friend enjoy being high in the air. Three different sizes accommodate cats of all sizes. It also folds down quickly and easily for storage. It also comes with an extra-large under the bed to place your furry little fur baby. The tufted sides help to prevent your little furball from jumping off the platform.


These are the pros and cons of a cat condo. These cat trees offer multiple levels for you to climb, provide a nice amount of vertical space to your pets, and come with multiple levels for convenience. They are quite durable and come with sturdy fasteners to make sure they stay on their floors. They can also come with a wide variety of accessories to make your kitty feel cozy and comfortable inside their lovely new home!