Tips to Keeping the House Clean With Indoor Pets

Tips to Keeping the House Clean With Indoor Pets

Pets are no doubt a fun companion to have around. They keep us amused with their shenanigans and mischiefs. Having pets also mean frequent trips to the animal hospital Virginia Beach to ensure all is well with their health. However, having pets around also means messy hair and dirt. Many pet parents frequently struggle with keeping the house clean from droppings, balls of furs, and smell. If you are one of those pet owners looking for an easy way to keep their home clean without having to let go of your pets, we have some tips.

This article discusses some of the most effective ways to ensuring your living spaces stay sparkling fresh with pets.

Vacuum clean the hair:

Much like humans, pets also shed their hair. If you have a fluffy pet like a dog, cat, or bunny, you may have to deal with furs and hair. Even after spending hours cleaning the rugs, bed-sheets, and couch, you will find fur everywhere. Vacuum cleaning is one of the most effective ways to pick pet hair from all kinds of surfaces. Ensure the vacuum cleaner you are using has enough suction to clean any sort of surface and not get clogged. Also, check the filter of the vacuum cleaner. It should be of good quality and easy to empty.

Various other products like rubber brushes and lint rollers come in handy in removing hair from hard-to-reach areas like upholstery and soft furniture.

Groom your pets regularly:

Any veterinarian from pet hospital Virginia Beach will agree on the fact that pets need regular grooming. While grooming doesn’t ensure total prevention from shedding, it does control hair breakage. Grooming also helps maintain the natural balance of the oil in the skin and keep the coat healthy and shiny. 

 After bathing your pet, make sure you spend time grooming their hair. After-bath grooming will catch all the loose hair and prevent it from shedding. There are various grooming tools designed for shedding.

How to remove urine stains?

No matter how well you have toilet trained your pet, there are times when accidents can’t be avoided- especially when you have young pets or senior animals. Most pets prefer going to the same spot to urinate, which can be an excruciating experience for pet parents.

If your pet has urinated inside the house, make sure you immediately clean the area. Pet urine leaves a strong smell that is hard to remove. Eliminating the odor of that lingering uric acid from the area is crucial as it will attract the pet to use the same spot again.

There are various products available to remove pet urine odor. Most of these products use enzymes that are effective in neutralizing uric acid. Before using any of such solutions, make sure you blot as much urine as possible.

Most pet parents prefer making homemade solutions to prevent accidental chemical ingestion. You can prepare a solution by mixing one cup of vinegar, a pinch of baking soda with water. Once the mixture is ready, fill it in a spray bottle to use.