Why A Bunny Is the Perfect Animal for A Person Who Suffer Anxiety?

Why A Bunny Is the Perfect Animal for A Person Who Suffer Anxiety?

Many people suffer from at least one mental health disorder or the other. While some find easy coping mechanisms, others rely on therapists to help them manage their conditions. The personal relationship between man and animal dates back since man discovered that not everything is ideal to be eaten as food. This relationship has benefited us in ways that not only help our physical state but mental as well.

One animal that can easily catch our attention is the cute furry bunny. While cats and dogs are rapidly gaining ground in many homes around the world, bunnies aren’t overlooked as emotional support animals. Several individuals who suffer from anxiety have discovered how keeping a rabbit can help them feel a whole lot better. But why is a bunny the perfect animal for a person suffering from anxiety?

Bunnies don’t need plenty of space 

People dealing with anxiety don’t require plenty of space to keep a bunny. Unlike big pets, rabbits don’t occupy too many spaces. Small apartment owners can keep a bunny and not be bothered about their living area getting cramped up. Bunny owners can get rabbit accessories from reputable stores around to give their pet the best treatment any emotional support animal needs.

Bunnies are easy to adopt 

Most animal shelters have rabbits that are available for adoptions. The animal’s gentle and loving nature makes it perfect for people looking to distract themselves with a cuddly furball. Long-term bunny owners have continually mentioned how easy they are to acquire and raise. They’ve also been described as pets with a big personality. Bunnies bond quickly with their owners, and their caring, loving nature makes them the perfect emotional support animal. For people with anxiety who have never enjoyed Petkarma user experiences can explore their options at the online stores.

Bunnies are quiet animals

It is advisable to keep a bunny as an emotional support animal because it is a gentle and loving creature. Unlike dogs that make loud noises when they bark, bunnies are very quiet pets and are good alternatives if you are easily triggered by loud barks of dogs. Many people can handle the noise and agility of larger animals like dogs and would easily be turned off by their noisy nature.

Training a bunny is easy

Studies have shown that many people who suffer from anxiety have little patience and would rather not invest time in things that might not stress them. Amazingly, bunnies are easy to manage, and they respond well to positive reinforcement training.

Bunnies do not require walks

Unlike dogs and cats that need to step out once in a while, bunnies are always comfortable indoor. Apartment owners can take advantage of this and enjoy the company of their furry buddy. Owners don’t need to be worried about keeping their rabbit fit as dog owners do. Bunnies can get all the workout they need by hopping around the house. You are only required to let them out of their cage (if any) for a few hours. This would give them the chance to stretch their limbs, and explore their space.