Do Basset Hounds Shed?

Do Basset Hounds Shed?

Getting a dog is one of the best decisions a potential pet owner may make in their life. It is so rewarding to see the positive effects that dogs bring us and our families. They certainly live up to the title of man’s best friend. 

One awesome breed that pet owners around the world love is the basset hound! Famously known as a hunting dog with a long body, short legs, and long ears, basset hounds are charming and friendly companions. 

However, it is important to know that owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you have to take care of the pet by feeding it, taking it out for walks, maintaining its health, but also by grooming it. Learning whether your pet will shed or not is essential when considering which dog breed you want to get. 

Which leads me to the next question…


The answer is yes. Even though their hair is short and not very thick, basset hounds do indeed shed. More than you may think. Their hairs are so sticky that they tend to adhere to clothing, furniture, and carpet. Sure, the shedding won’t be as bad as it is for other breeds with longer hair, but basset hounds still do shed a lot. 

Shedding is typical with almost every dog breed that grows hair. It is the process of old hair falling out, allowing room for the new hair to grow. 

Shedding in basset hounds occurs due to a number of factors: age, living conditions, diet, medical conditions, stress, bath schedule, and negligent owners

Basset hounds tend to shed an average amount throughout the year. In fact, they shed more during the spring and fall. The reason why this breed sheds more during these months is mainly due to the extended hours of daylight. However, this even happens continuously throughout the year too because the interior fluorescent lights inside of our homes replicate the daylight coming from outside.


Dog hair consists of a protein called keratin. In order to allow your pet’s hair to grow in a healthy manner, you have to include a sufficient amount of protein in your dog’s diet. Next time you buy dog food, be sure to look on the ingredients list for meat as a primary source of protein. 

Studies show that 30% of the protein your dog consumes contributes towards the production of dog hair. It is important to know that if your basset hound is not eating enough protein, this can affect the quality of their hair. One of the reasons why your pet may be shedding a lot is due to lack of protein intake. So, it is essential to get your pet on a protein-rich diet and also start feeding them vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, copper, and zinc. 


Dogs and humans are very similar in almost all aspects. This includes the ability to develop stress. Stress in dogs can come in a variety of ways – negligent owner, loud noises, unhealthy diet, change of environment.

One way you can try to minimize this is by talking to your veterinarian. Getting a professional’s advice on how you can ease your pet’s anxiety could be very beneficial. 


There are some different medical conditions that can lead to excessive shedding. These conditions are ringworm, flea infestation, and more. These can all lead to bacterial damage in your basset hound’s scalp due to foreign bodies attacking the cells. Ultimately, this can cause your pet to shed more than usual. 

If your basset hound is experiencing any of these medical conditions, then you should try to get your furry friend healthy as soon as possible. This will eventually create normal growth for your pet’s keratin.


Owning a pet is a blessing for us humans. However, many owners do not understand the full extent of how responsible they have to be. 

Some dog owners do not give the level of attention that their pets deserve, which ultimately leads to stress and that ends up causing dogs to shed more than usual. 

So, if you are planning on getting a basset hound, you must be prepared to give it the care and attention that you would give to a child or another family member. They are essentially your family members. 


When basset hounds are born, the amount of hair follicles they grow stays the same until they become adults. During the time these hounds are young puppies, they have longer telogen phases because their hair follicles are stronger and healthier at this time. 

However, as basset hounds get older, their hair follicles start to get weaker, and this leads to more hair being shed due to inability to hold up. 


Bathing your pet too often can cause your basset hound to shed excessively. This is because giving your dog a bath can flush out the natural oils in your pet’s coat, causing it to turn dry and lead to premature shedding. 

Also, you should be cautious of the kind of shampoo you are using. If it has a high pH concentration, then that can cause excessive shedding. It is important to use a hypoallergenic dog shampoo that works well with your pet’s skin. Please do not ever use the same shampoo that you use yourself on your dog. The pH skin balance may be too harsh for your basset hound, leading to hair shedding. 

One way you can minimize this is by scheduling your pet’s baths. During the year, most pet owners only bath their pets about once every few months. However, during the spring and fall months, when shedding occurs more often, you can bathe your pet once every three weeks to a month. 

You can also perform a sponge bath on your pet on days when you are not giving your dog a bath. 


As stated above, basset hounds shed more during the spring and fall because of the  longer hours of daylight during these months. 

However, shedding still happens throughout the year even indoors because the interior fluorescent lights inside of our homes replicate the daylight coming from outside, causing the dog’s body to react to the light being shined onto the hound’s coat. 


The answer is no. Most dogs will not stop shedding during their lifetimes, and unfortunately, it’s a part of the package. It occurs naturally as a way to protect themselves from changes inside and outside of their bodies. 

However, if you follow the tips mentioned in this article, then you will easily be able to reduce the effects of your pet’s shedding as much as possible.


Maintaining a basset hound’s fur takes a lot of work. The good part is you don’t have to worry about your pet’s hair being all over your house. You can minimize your basset hound’s shedding by investing in a variety of pet care products

Here’s how you can do it…

Brush Your Dog’s Hair Weekly: 

To reduce the amount of hair shedding, it is advisable to brush your basset hound’s hair on a weekly basis. Another benefit of doing this consistently is that it can help create a bond between you and your dog. Dogs also tend to be very relaxed when their coat is being brushed. 

Remember that basset hounds shed more during the spring and fall months, so you may want to start brushing them at least twice a week that time. 

Invest In A Lint Roller Or Packing Tape: 

Your furniture is bound to have some hair on it from your basset hound’s shedding patterns. In order to address this problem, you should consider getting a lint roller. 

Lint rollers work great when it comes to removing your pet’s hair from furniture. However, you might want to use packing tape if you have an excessive amount of hair stuck to the carpet. 

Cover Your Furniture With Blankets: 

If your basset hound loves jumping on your couch and other furniture, it’s likely that some of it’s hair will get caught on there. 

One way to have a clean couch is by putting a cover or blanket on it. This ultimately becomes an easier way to keep your furniture neat and tidy, and still allows your dog to play on it without any problems. 


No. Basset hounds are not hypoallergenic. There is a preconceived notion that they are hypoallergenic because of the length of their hair as well as their size, but this is not true. 

Hypoallergenic dogs are animals that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction or allergies in humans. 

Because they have such short hair, it is still possible for people with allergies to have basset hounds as pets without any problems. 

However, as mentioned above, it is essential to take proper care of your little buddy by consistently brushing their fur and giving baths every few weeks. 


In summation, basset hounds are one of the most lovable and cute breeds of dogs you can get. They are great companions that get along well with children and other pets because they bring so much joy to your family. 

However, though their hair is short and not very thick, basset hounds do indeed shed.

Shedding can be caused by a multitude of reasons: age, living conditions, diet, medical conditions, stress, bath schedule, and negligent owner. You can find these points being discussed above. 

But, just because your furry friend sheds often, that shouldn’t make you love them any less! You just need to learn to be patient with them. 

You will quickly realize that their loyalty, friendliness, and charm will grow on you and make you forget about their shedding habits! Basset hounds are amazing pets that deserve all the care and attention in the world.