Why Does a Dog Need a Bed?

Why Does a Dog Need a Bed?

It’s important for a dog to have alone time. Any pet needs a place to rest, sleep and escape from the bustle. Like their wild ancestors, domestic dogs have the instinct to find a private place where they can hide from everyone. Just like people, pets love comfort, so just a hard crate is not enough for them. For these reasons, there are dog crate beds and other accessories.

Why does a dog need a bed?

Cozy place 

A crate bed is an alternative to a “den” for a domestic dog. If you train your dog to stay in the crate bed from an early age, then in adulthood the dog will come and rest there on its own. If you have a large family or guests, often come to you, a private place for your dog is a need. At this point, your dog may need privacy since not all pets are comfortable being around people all the time. In such a place, the dog will feel safe and will come to you in a good mood after a rest.

Cozy place

Easy to clean

If you teach your dog to stay in the crate bed, then they will rather sleep and rest there than on the owners’ bed. This is especially relevant during the dog shedding when the fur literally spreads throughout the house. If your dog stays in their bed, then there will be less fur on sofas, beds and other places, and cleaning will be easier.

Pet safety

The bed helps to maintain your dog’s good health and immunity, protecting them from drafts and cold. Such an accessory will be especially suitable for short-haired dog breeds, or for hairless dogs. 

Easy transportation

Long trips and moving are stressful for dogs. The dog’s favorite bed, which they already got used to, will help to ease the stress. Putting the bed in the crate will make the transportation easier for the dog. 

What are the types of dog beds?

  • Standard – a bed without bumpers
  • With bumpers – has perimeter stoppers
  • With soft bumpers – a comfortable and safe option
  • Crate beds and carriers – used for the pet transportation
  • Closed – for small dogs 
What are the types of dog beds?

How to train a dog to stay in bed?

It is better to train your dog from an early age and do it gradually. The dog needs to know the “stay” command. There are several tips that will help make it safe for the dog:

  • The training should start after walking or feeding;
  • You need to teach the “stay” command on the bed itself;
  • If at first your dog does not obey the command, you do not need to get mad and force them. Patience is the main thing in training;
  • Also, there is no need to train your dog if there is a tense or unusual environment around, for example, if there a lot of strangers, loud noises, uncomfortable conditions;
  • Don’t yell at your dog. Try to give a command in a confident but kind voice;
  • Never beat your pet. The dog should not see the owner or the bed as something negative;
  • If your dog does the command right, you can encourage them with treats.

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