Overcome The Fleas in Dogs

This year, ticks throughout the US are at an all-time high, leading to extensive warnings and methods of remaining protected at all times when outdoors. Whether you live near an area that is rife with ticks or if you simply have an outdoor dog, there are few tips to keep in mind to help maximize your dog’s protection from potential tick infections, diseases, and other related risks.

Tick Searches

Conducting a thorough tick search in and around your property is one of the best preventative steps to take in order to keep your dogs from getting bitten or contracting a tick-related disease. Keep your dog’s coat short and trimmed while also checking the paws and underneath your dog’s toes and nails each time they return to the home from outside. Keep track of areas where ticks are most likely to appear, keeping your dog from going astray or into areas where you are not familiar with yourself. Designate “safe” outdoor areas once they have been thoroughly searched.

Dog Collars

Collars are also available to keep both fleas and ticks off of your dog. While some tick collars are suitable for dogs as young as 8 weeks, it is still highly advisable to speak with your pet’s veterinarian for additional guidance on which products are right for your pup. Most dog flea collars last up to 3 months, which is ideal throughout the summer season. However, if you live in a wooded area or a location that is prone to ticks, utilizing a new collar every three months is optimal.

Spot-On Products

While spot-on products are typically extremely toxic to cats, they help with paralysis tick prevention for dogs. Using spot-on products helps to reduce the effects of an intense tick infestation while also repelling future ticks from attacking your animals. Most often, spot-on products last for up to 14 days. If you are in need of additional treatment or if you are considering another dose of spot-on treatment, consult with your veterinarian first to ensure your dog’s health is not at risk by utilizing the type of spot-on product you have chosen.

Chewable and Oral Solutions

There are also oral and chewable solutions on the market that help to protect dogs from tick infestations for up to four months. In many cases, the chewable and oral solutions designed for ticks also help to eliminate and keep fleas at bay.

Understanding the steps to take when caring for your outdoor dog and preventing tick bites is a way to ensure your furry family member remains happy and healthy at all times. Take the time to conduct tick searches and to properly prepare your family dogs to keep the same and comfortable regardless of the time of year.