Tips on Treating Separation Anxiety for Both Dogs and Dog Owners

Tips on Treating Separation Anxiety for Both Dogs and Dog Owners

To humans, separation anxiety with your pets might sound too ridiculous to believe, but to your furry friend, it’s not only possible but also painful. You may not see it, but when you leave them behind to go to work, some dogs tend to freak out, howl, and be restless for the remainder of the day.

Separation anxiety also stops them from being properly trained. Before enrolling them in dog obedience training in places like Orem, practice doing these tricks to reduce your dog’s separation anxiety. Only when it’s fully confident as itself will it be able to perform at its peak.

Make comings and goings discreet

To ease your dog out of separation anxiety, you have to stop making a big deal out of leaving and returning. Stop saying prolonged goodbyes and greetings and just step out as low-key as possible.

Minutes before stepping out, observe your dog’s mannerisms. What they do during this period usually signals that their anxiety is kicking in. If they start to act tense, restrain yourself from comforting them. Just act indifferently but slowly before leaving.

Alter any signs that you’re leaving

Another practice you can do to make them less sensitive about your departures is to disrupt your leaving regimen. Leave your keys in a different place, or pass through a different door when going out. You can also try leaving the TV on or wearing house clothes.

The opposite also works: wear your complete work outfit and perform the same old routine, but just stand on the curb or drive around the block before walking back.

Tire your dog out before taking off

Sometimes, foresight is key. If you need to leave soon, take your dog out for a good exercise first. Jog around the neighborhood or play around the yard — the point is you should let them tire themselves out.

By leaving them exhausted, they’re less prone to act out and more likely to rest and relax when you have to go. Moreover, letting them experience new things outside gives their mind something else to be concerned about.

Leave behind trinkets for your dog

Experts say that audiobooks help in calming down a dog’s separation anxiety because it simulates the sound of a human voice. You can also play with them using dog toys or give them a special treat moments before you leave. You can also leave old clothes that have your scent, so they can further dissociate with your departures and arrivals.

Don’t leave them alone for too long

While the goal is to treat your dog’s separation anxiety, leaving them for too long may only worsen the case. It can even make them develop bad habits, such as scratching, biting, destroying stuff around the house, and binge eating.

If you have to leave for work, you can restrain them somewhere they’re comfortable. During the weekends, resume with the program by leaving them in varying lengths of time to see how they will react.

Stay consistent with the program, and keep an eye out on any minute changes to your dog’s behavior. This level of consistency should teach you, as its owner, ample discipline, too.