Toilet Train Cats The Easy Way With These 4 Starter Tips

Toilet Train Cats The Easy Way With These 4 Starter Tips

Are you frustrated with your kitty messing up your home with her excrement? The good news is that you are not alone! Cat soiling is one of the most common problems for pet owners today and thankfully there are solutions available for this cat behavior problem.

When you set out to train your cat to use her new litter tray, it is really important to use the right approach. Not carrying this out right, or doing it poorly, is sure to bring on terrible results. You could potentially end up with your house soiled with cat poop, or maybe even discovering unpleasant surprises on your carpet!

This article presents 4 tips to avoid that kind of failure, and hopefully help you succeed in minimising the mess in your house caused by cat excrement.

1) Always get a cat litter box with the most practical and convenient design. When it comes to litter boxes, most of the time the best boxes are the most simple to use.

You will want to consider properly if you require boxes with funky designs or loads of features since that will help avoid problems if your cat gets confused or turned off by the additional functions. Failure to get this done might actually cost you an additional trip to the pet store to get a new litter box. So do not make the mistake of ignoring this crucial step!

2) This may sound funny, but try to choose a cat litter box that is deep enough. Believe it or not, cats actually want to bury their poop and a shallow box will not satisfy her natural instincts at all.

3) You will also want to get a cat litter box that is large and wide. Unlike humans, your kitty will want to totally entire the box. Not having a large enough litter box will risk your feline friend depositing her waste just outside of the box.

4) Take the time to look around your home and find the best location for the cat litter box. Do not be lazy and just put it anywhere. Just like humans, cats need to be relaxed when they are doing their business and a cat litter box that is too exposed to human traffic will not be conducive at all.

Are these the only things that you need to look out for when toilet training your cat? Of course not, a comprehensive guide to toilet train cats may fill up an entire chapter of a cat training manual. However, these 4 tips should help you get started to training your cat. Good luck!