What To Look For When Shopping For Designer Dog Products

What To Look For When Shopping For Designer Dog Products

Designer items for dogs are becoming more and more popular. While some people definitely don’t understand it, those who only want their pets to have the latest and greatest understand completely. You can find designer dog toys, collars, leashes, dog bowls, pet carriers, dog beds and even dog furniture. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for any of these items.

Chew Toys

Chewing is very common among puppies but can extend into adult doghood. Dogs are usually considered puppies up until the age of 2. Puppies sometimes love to chew on shoes, clothing and furniture and they usually do it when they’re left alone. If your dog is a chewer then consider getting them chew toys. These are usually rubber toys that your dog can gnaw on safely without causing damage to your property or their teeth.

Stuffed Animals

Does your dog like to cuddle with stuffed animals? Do you find that they’re taking your child’s stuffed animals and playing with them? If this is the case, consider buying stuffed animals that are made especially for dogs. You can find cute bunnies, squirrels and a variety of other stuffed animals and shapes that your dog will enjoy cuddling up to at nap time.

Play Toys

Chew toys and stuffed animals could probably be considered play toys. However, play toys are toys that you use with your pet during play time. Whether you’re playing fetch or tug of war some good play toys include knotted ropes and stuffed bones. You can find designer toys that are made of rope but are found in various shapes including cherries, crabs, ducks and other farm animals, cupcakes, cherry pastries and more.

Designer Dog Accessories

Accessories available for dogs include clothing, costumes, collars with jewels, hats, booties and more. If you’re into dressing up your pet you can find a huge number of different outfits. Sweaters are popular during the cooler months to keep dogs warm. Just be sure you know your dog’s weight before shopping for accessories so that you can be sure what you purchase will fit them properly. Everything is usually sized by weight so that makes it pretty easy.

Designer toys have the same use as regular toys that you can find at any major discount store or pet store, but they come in very different and stylish designs. Designer dog toys are very inexpensive and can often be comparable in price to other dog toys that you find anywhere. Shopping online makes it easy to compare merchandise prices and shipping costs too. Many retailers of designer dog toys will offer free shipping on orders so long as they meet the minimum order requirements.