Does Your Pooch Have a Designer Bed?

Does Your Pooch Have a Designer Bed?

If you are like most of us, your dog is like a member of the family. You probably have a special collar for them, or if you are like me, you bought them some warm doggie boots and a warm jacket to wear in the winter.

Today, the different selections of dog beds and furniture is almost limitless.

You can be conservative, and just get your family pet a simple pillow bed that is soft and comfortable, or you can choose a bed that is actually a designer bed, that can range in price from $150.00 to over $370.00.

The designer dog bed is a fairly new item in pet stores, but they seem to be getting rather popular.

You have the dog beds that are filled with a cotton fiber, or a polyfil material. Some are also filled with cedar chips, like sawdust, and some have small bean or ball like material in them. There are some that actually get your dog off of the floor. The bed sits on four legs, and has a web type material on it that will let the air flow below your dog. This not only keeps them off of the hard floor, which can help with any joint problems, but can help to keep them cool.

When you go shopping for a bed for your pet, you need to know how much they weigh, because if you want to get them a bed that is up off of the floor, you need to make sure that it can hold the weight. You will also need to know how long they are, because you want to make sure that they will be able to lay on it comfortably.

If you get a bed that is comfortable and easy for your dog to get on and lie down on, they will love it,and their greatest desire is to be as close to you as possible. So if you get one that you can put in your bedroom, they will be happy.