Buying Dog Clothes

Buying Dog Clothes

We all love our canine friends and we also love to buy many things to pamper our dogs. One of many dog accessories that has become more popular over the years is dog clothing. Dog clothes have shifted from niche markets to more acceptable positions in recent years and there are many dog ​​clothing brands to choose from.

Nay Sayers

There are however still many people who ridicule or advocate against dog clothing. So let’s set some things straight:

“A dog has fur so they do not need dog clothing.” In fact, in many places during winter it can become so cold that many breeds (especially the smaller ones) require some sort of protection. A thick dog coat or dog sweater will be very helpful. Wear dog shoes to protect dog paws from frostbite and salt too!

“You hurt the animal!” If a dog is injured, he will tell you. Dog clothing designers will design the clothes in such a way that it won’t cause the dog any discomfort and so that the dog can move around freely. Some dogs will need getting used to the idea of clothing and positive reinforcement (treats) are recommended during the first times. Should your dog still show awkward behavior when wearing clothing after a couple tries, then maybe it is time to find a different size. Some dogs will refuse to wear clothing, please respect your dog’s wishes and do not force it to wear clothing unless absolutely necessary.


To ensure a correct fit it is important to measure the dog’s sizes. Always check out the size chart and instructions when buying a new brand. Dog clothing sizes are not uniform and one brands Small can be another brands Medium. If the dog’s measurement falls between two sizes, it is recommended choosing the larger size.

Neck measurements, also known as collar measurements should leave 1-2 cm of space between the neck and the measurement tape to avoid choking.

Chest measurements are taken behind the front legs and have to leave an extra 2-3 cm to ensure comfort.

Length measurements are taken from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. You must make sure the dog is standing on a straight surface and in an upright position when measuring.


Just as with any other purchase, try to read some reviews of the product and/or company. Do they deliver what they promise? Many dog clothes brands use very cheap fabric, don’t be fooled by low priced items still promising high quality. Unless there is a clearance sale of course, then by all means shop till you drop!